Learn how EFT can help you

How does Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples actually impact the couple relationship?

In this YouTube video Sue discusses the research on how a partner’s brain registers pain before and after therapy with her husband. You might be surprised at how significant the change is.

Ultimately, EFT for couples supports the creation of
the loving bond between partners that make being
in the world safe and secure.

What is the actual experience like?

In this video three couples discuss their actual experience before and after using the Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couple framework to exit distressing patterns of interaction. By using this therapy no couple has to remain in a dissatisfying and distressing relationship. There really is a way out of the conflict and unhappiness.



Where can I get more information?

Visit Sue’s website where you can discover more about her, the therapy, and get books & other resources to help you and your partner have the best relationship ever.